I Want to Geopol Your Marketing Campaign

I hope this to become a series of articles on how to introduce geopolitical analysis and research into every marketing campaign

As I think about my current role that I am about to wrap up and move on, my mind is consistently stuck on a few important thoughts.

  1. There is no Marketing Campaign in the World that I’ve seen yet, that is conscious of folks outside of the comfort zone of the Marketing Campaign Manager
  2. The Internet and Marketing zone is infiltrated with boilerplate content of… “5 Top Trends …” or “3 Reasons Why…” etc.
  3. I am absolutely grateful to have learned what I have and realized that there has got to be more ingenuity and unapologetic craftsmanship when you market your product

Here are a few strokes I’d like to see emerge in the year 2021 and I absolutely need to be a part of it.


  1. Help create a web space that is responsive, intuitive, and regionally cognizant with respect to all users regardless of their language or geographic location
  2. Be mindful of content and socially aware of the language and imagery you intend to use
  3. Be accessible and inclusive of people with limitations


  1. Stay up to date on the world's political news and issues. Be progressive but also considerate with respect to the regional values of the markets you sell to or intend to penetrate (this, in my view, requires paid memberships to certain global and local news media, like The Economist, the New York Times, CSA Research for industry research, and please suggest your strong favorites!)
  2. Establish a geopolitical analysis of the web/digital assets in the early stages of the creative and messaging process of a new campaign or offering. This will help identify:

- regionally sensitive components and rework them to be compliant;

- social elements that may exclude certain social groups, e.g. people with limitations like hearing-impaired users or those with cognitive, visual, or physical limitations;

  1. If you need to build/purchase new systems, do so with geopolitics in mind. International does not always mean regionally compliant.
  2. Refrain from ignoring big minorities like people with disabilities. Accommodating everyone to be able to use your web space and the product does not only speak of a smart and intuitive design but tells users and their families how inclusive you are. There is no better marketing strategy you can build than a positive experience that translates into a voluntary product recommendation within a community (a mouthful, I know, I will get better at writing).

Please share your thoughts on how you view geopolitical analysis and what methods of research you like to use to run it. I am eager to learn from you all.

I am a Mom of triplets (it’s painful but the anti-depressants help)